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Anaheim Duck Fans Torn Over Brad Lauer

June 10th, 2015 – just recently posted an article about the staffing rearrangements for the Anaheim Ducks. It included the removal of the assistant coach, Brad Lauer and the continued tenure of Bruce Boudreau. The staff change was due to the methodical planning by manager, Bob Murray. The explanations in the article, as to why Lauer was let go, were polite and procedural – but what do the Duck fans think? Popular opinion seems to lean towards the idea of a scapegoat; one person they can designate blame for any mistakes made. Some fans feel as though letting go of the assistant coach was more than just a technicality.


However, votes still sway in the other direction as well. Did Murray make the right choice? Perhaps. One particular fan, Neal Lonky who posted on the website his feels about the ordeal, notes that Lauer, “was the weak link and the choice by Murray” ( Brad Lauer was also responsible for the Ducks power play, as mentioned in the piece, and this could have been one of the main factors that helped Murray make his decision. According to the NHL article, they note, “Lauer was responsible for the Ducks power play, which was ranked 28th in the regular season and 22nd last season.

Anaheim was eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Final in seven games, the third straight season the Ducks lost Game 7 at home”


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